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God Hates Sweden 1 9, 12:15pm

@Hinoron That's the Old Testament; most of the Old Testament rules no longer apply, as they were meant for a harsher time.

Interestingly enough on the animal-execution case, I remember reading an article awhile ago about a French man named Jaques Ferron whom in the 1700s was sentenced to death for having sex with a donkey and was hanged. The donkey was to be hanged too, but all the people in the village (including the local priest) petitioned for the donkey to be spared saying of the donkey that "... she had always shown herself to be virtuous and well-behaved both at home and abroad and had never given occasion of scandal to anyone" and that ".. they are willing to bear witness that she is in word and deed and in all habits of life a most honest creature ...".
The judge agreed and pardoned the donkey on the bases that she was forced against her will. So that story had a happy ending.