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Hang in there, Canada! 3 9, 9:21am

@Amber_Ly The second amendment is there to keep the U.S. free. If we are armed, then the government can be fought. That is the purpose of the second amendment. It is the reason why Japan never made it onto American soil. It is the reason why the government wants to take them away.
The second amendment to the constitution is there to allow the people to rise up and overthrow a corrupt government. It is meant that whatever the Military has, everyone else can get so long as they can afford it.
Using weaponry from back then: If you want a 68 pound gun (, and you can afford to buy it, you can have one.
Using modern weaponry: You want an M1A2 Abrams or a Leopard 2? If you can afford to buy it then you should be allowed to have it. No questions asked.
Why? Because if the civilian populous can take down the government, then the government won't try to take their rights, for fear of their own death (or loss of power; for many of those corrupt fucks, that is worse than death).

The first thing that any dictator has ever done to gain control was disarm the populous. This is what Hitler did, this is what Lenin and Stalin did, this is what Mao did. If you want to keep your power, you make sure that no-one can fight you. It's the reason why Europe is quickly loosing it's rights. They couldn't fight their governments if they wanted to.
Only Switzerland is safe.