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Not English 6 9, 4:43am

As a Finn I can understand Sweden pretty well so that's why I was able to understand most of this comic.
After all I went throw some old comments to be sure to have correct translations and made summary about what they are saying.

First screen:
Sweden: I've been wondering, why do you have a fish on your head?
Norway: So that my hands are free.
Sweden: That's stupid.

Second screen:
Sweden: To have a fish on the head makes as much sense as to have a boat on the head.
Norway: A boat? Why would you have a boat on your head?

Third screen:
Denmark: Hi guys! Can I join you?
Sweden: Why do you have a city on your head? It has nothing to do with a sea.
Denmark: Yes it does! It's a sunken city!

Fourth screen:
Finland: Are you trying to mock my hat?
Sweden: No Finland. You always think that everybody is making fun of you.
Norway: What?
Denmark: What did he say?

Fifth screen:
Iceland: I also like clothes! See! Demon mittens!
Norway: They're beautiful!
Sweden: Stop! Now it's getting too stupid!
Denmark: They're scary...
Finland: Are you trying to mock me?

Sixth screen:
America: What the hell is going on!?!!?
China: I don’t know!
America: Shut up!!!