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Space Attack! 28 9, 7:31pm

@cohkka ... when you think about it, getting slammed free of a capsule by an ejection seat at 50g acceleration can't be any worse than hitting dirt, especially under parachute.

The Soyuz capsules are pretty neat in the fact that they really and truly don't CARE where they land; they're specced to be amphibious, and can survive water landings OR land, and they used to be equipped with survival gear, to include a combination shotgun/rifle/survival pistol, just in case you ended up stranded in the back country of siberia for a day or two (that... actually happened). Plus, they have a very short firing array of solid rocket boosters on the bottom wired to a radar proximity fuse that fire/detonate right before they land, to further dampen the blow. It's old soviet tech, so it's ugly and crude, but reliable as hell.