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The little voice in America's head 7 10, 11:17pm


A fence is either a smart idea that won't work, or a stupid idea that will.
Even if you allow for right to travel, and ignore the socioeconomic reasons for wanting one, there is a fair amount of illicit trade across the border. Basically, a wall or fence would be more for blocking organized crime than the random swimmer who decides poverty in the US, hiding from the INS, beats poverty in Mexico, hiding from the drug gangs.
The problem is, of course, that those same gangs are equipped enough to get around any such fence. It'd be little more than a speed bump.

Mind you, the socioeconomic reasons are very likely the real reasons. Keeping "them" over "there" is probably higher in the priorities of most "yeah" voters than is putting an obstacle in the path of the current drug trade.
And it's at least partially self-serving hypocrisy. An oppressed population, such at one in fear of deportation, is easier to exploit for cheap labor.