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The little voice in America's head

The little voice in America's head

We have a lot of nut jobs in Europe too, the difference is that their range is limited so they only really fuck their own country up.

It's a common joke/wish in the rest of the world the everybody should be allowed to vote in American elections because everything America does has such huge consequences for the rest of the world.

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7th October 2016
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8 years ago #9540524        

Seriously, Humon. If Trump wins you are OBLIGATED to draw America's hair like Donald Trump's hair for the next four years!

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8 years ago #9540767        

Clinton is what is wrong with politics. Trump is what is wrong with humanity.


8 years ago #9540427        

The problem here is that both candidates are actually terrible choices. One is a diplomatic nightmare, the other is almost guaranteed to implement changes that about half of the country finds to be fundamentally unacceptable. Both have been caught either deliberately antagonizing influential factions and other nations or outright lying about things we ought to be able to trust a candidate about.

No matter how much people tell me that one candidate is better than the other, there's too much evidence that tells me my life will be worse than before if EITHER gets into office.

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8 years ago #9541064        

Previous elections:
Which candidate will help our country?
This election:
Which candidate will screw up our country less?

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8 years ago #9540719        

People need to stop with this false equivalency that Clinton is equally bad as Trump. It would be hilariously false, if the stakes weren't so high.

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8 years ago #9540696        

I'm genuinely disappointed that people think Trump is a viable option. Hillary is by no means great, or even good, but Trump is an evil human being who has been documented to have gang ties, sexualised his daughter on national television, hates Mexico, will ruin the American economy (and probably the global economy) with protectionism, and is essentially the worst choice in the world for anyone. Not just literally all minorities, anyone. I'm genuinely worried about international politics and relations leading to another major international war.

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8 years ago #9540549        

One thing though, isn't it a bit hypocritical of King EU to judge America on building a border wall when European countries also use border fences?

Even Norway is planning on building a border fence between Russia and Norway so are we (Europeans) really one to talk?

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8 years ago #9542803        

Okay, being an American myself, I cannot stress enough; THERE ARE PLENTY OF US WHO CAN HEAR ALL THIS SHIT AND YES WE ARE TERRIFIED. I have several friends who are planning to flee the country for Canada.

The annoying thing is; In media, the loud, horrible people are the ones who get all the press. Quite honestly, when I heard that Trump was putting in his candidacy for president, as a republican nominee, I laughed. My friends laughed. We thought it was funny, that it was a joke. We even jokingly said that hey yeah, he should totally be the nominee for the Rebublicans, because there was no way in hell he could actually become president.

And then it stopped being funny. We stopped laughing. The things he was saying were becoming more and more repulsive. I'm actually shocked he isn't in jail yet for inciting riots!! This man would make a HORRIBLE president!! He spews hatred, he makes our allies hate us even MORE... I don't want him to represent us to the world!! And what's even more terrifying, IS THAT HE HAS SUCH A LARGE, HATEFUL FOLLOWING!!! CAN'T PEOPLE SEE THAT NO MATTER WHO WAS RUNNING AGAINST HIM, HE IS THE WORST POSSIBLE CHOICE?!?!

I have a hard time sleeping at night sometimes, because I'm afraid. I don't want you guys to hate us even more. I know what it must look like, with what you guys see from us, but I swear to God, we're not all like that. America as a whole isn't so stupid and hateful. Ideally, we'd get rid of the two-party system. I'd love it if we just took two or three years of hearing from EVERY CANDIDATE, independant or otherwise, and go from there. I'd love it if all the hatred and racism and sexism would just die out with the next couple generations. But I know that even in one of the biggest hippie states of America, Oregon, there are still people who listen to the fear and hatred and....

I'm just sick of it. tldr, I don't want Trump to be president. I don't love the hell outta Hillary either, but I have less issues with her being our leader than Trump. For my safety, as well as the world's.

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8 years ago #9541100        

Like, really? Nothing about how Hillary said she wanted to drone strike another country to kill Julian Assange? Or how she let 4 marines die? Or stole funds meant for Haitians after the quakes?

Here's a little American Tax Law for all you non-Americans. Woodrow Wilson invented Net Operating Loss, the law under which Donald Trump avoided paying taxes in 1995. Just like over A MILLION OTHER BUSINESSES in the country. It's not a loophole if it's working exactly as intended, and the reason he could claim that as a tax deduction is because the law for NOL was Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton has utilized this law ever since it was changed to avoid paying taxes as well. And by the way, the whole point of owning a business is to minimize operating costs and maximize profits for the business and its shareholders. So yeah, I agree, avoiding taxes isn't smart, it's just basic logic.

(Especially since the Guccifer leaks showed our tax money has been going to bail out banks who turned around and funded Democratic party elections.)

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8 years ago #9540952        

I wonder how people have been brainwashed by bogus campaigns. Hillary is actually one of the most competent candidates USA has ever had. She would make a very decent president. And Trump is by far the worst candidate USA has ever had.

You may now start throwing rabid squirrels at me. Bring it on, you little bastards, I know you want to. Do your worst, stick needles under my toenails, pour boiling diesel on my nipples, tie me naked to a chair with barbed wire, fry my face with blowtorch. It won't change the reality, there's no way Trump is in any way better than Hillary. :)

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