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The little voice in America's head 8 10, 10:19pm

'@SeanR' Well I think America has problem with rather loose gun laws, but Hillary won't do much about them, just campaign speeches.

Gun laws in USA will not probably change anywhere near what they are in Europe, not to mention Japan, no matter who is president. And Hillary has mainly said that she doesn't want to give gun license to people that are considered too dangerous to fly in a plane. And that 32 000 annual gun deaths can not be seen as "normal".

Despite that real change is not going to happen in generations, it's good to think that "Do I really want myself/my kids/my relatives to live in country where mass shooting happen on daily basis and increasing?". I mean, Japan hasn't banned guns, just tight regulations, tests and checking. And USA has 10.54 firearm-related death rate per 100,000 people. In Japan, this number is 0.06

And it gives completely new perspective to concept of "lesser evil". Which is lesser evil, mass murders or tight gun laws? How much person can love a contraption, that has main function to generate a hole?