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The little voice in America's head 8 10, 12:03pm

@NorwaySwedenDenmark Ummm... this, kinda.. sorta.. is NOT even remotely the same thing.

I don't think? Maybe it's somehow taboo to fence-off land or something in Europe, but it's just considered par for the course over here. You have land, you fence it off so the pigs don't wander off and root-up the neighbor's turnips, or something.

That's not what's getting folks in a tizzy over here. Trump's not asking for a fence (Maybe a wall, but a fence is good too) 90% of all of our borders in Americal Already have fences, ranging from tall chain-link 'keep the riff-raff out of the golf courses' fences to a single knee-high length of cable 'the border is right.. Here' fences.

Trump's not talking about setting-up fences, he's talking about setting up 'Maginot Line 2, Latin Bugalo'