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The little voice in America's head 8 10, 11:16pm

That last one confuses me, too.
I'm not your keeper. You want to poison yourself, or engage in practices my religions leaders count as a sin, you go right ahead. That's none of my business.
You can drive without a seatbelt for all I care.

Also, forget "moment" of insanity. You don't get these types of massacres where people are likely to be armed and able to escape. Movie theaters and nightclubs (bars, with alcohol, so no guns,) are such good choices for these nuts because they're dark, full of unarmed people, who can't get away quickly enough.
Schools are a popular choice for a similar reason. They're what are known as "soft targets". Typically easy access with no one shooting back.
But forget "moment" of insanity. These people don't go shoot up a place in a "moment" of insanity. I doubt anyone has ever even dropped in on a school, stopped the car in the street, hit the parking brake, and shot up the place, in a "moment" of insanity.
These atrocities are planned.