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The little voice in America's head 8 10, 11:04pm

'@SeanR' I do understand that there are cultural differences and that America has lot of countryside and long distances between places, where gun may bring a sense of safety and that guns are popular hobby there overall by culture.

Still, it is rather amusing to hear how gun laws are too tight there, since they are not even near our own. Nobody here can own assault rifle or any automatic for that matter, first gun for person is basically always .22 caliber, hand gun license are very hard to get, owning a gun usually requires either a membership and lots of courses in sport shooting association or hunting association membership, tests, license cards etc. And still many people (and Swedes) say that our gun laws are ridiculously loose. :D

The liberty you referred to, is a double-barrel shotgun... I mean double-edged sword. And I can't help but noticing, that people who are proponents of these liberties to own and carry publicly a weapon that can kill a lot of people in seconds in the moment of insanity, are often eager to ban less harmfull liberties, like right to use cannabis or LSD or same-sex marriage and so on.