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The little voice in America's head 8 10, 9:51pm


One way.
If your policies don't align with Clinton's goals, than Trump can be seen as less destructive.
I'm a gun owner, who wishes to keep my guns.
I, honestly, don't trust Trump with my guns, but I already know Hillary's position on guns. I, and many others over the age of 30, suspect she ghostwrote some of Bill's better work.
As the old joke goes, (that was being passed around back in 1995-96, "I"m not voting for Clinton. I didn't vote for HER the first time either."

That said. IF Clinton wins the white house, (or, frankly, even if she doesn't,) she should kick Bill out of the bedroom for good.
And be sworn in with her name as Hillary Rodham.
If she wins the white house, she should, at least, make Bill sleep in Blair house for the full term.