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The little voice in America's head 11 10, 6:12pm

@SeanR You don't think it's batshit crazy to be of the opinion that it would have been perfectly okay and constitutional to abruptly kill and then forcibly reinstate Medicaid unilaterally with the provisions listed in the ACA with no interruptions in between using a single bill, but it was not okay to simply amend the program that way and make it compulsory for the states in that bill? Because there is absolutely no difference in those choices except for the actual words used in the bill and the latter having even less of a possibility for screw-ups and hassle. Yet, the supreme court decided the latter wasn't okay and told that the former would have been. Thus, the Medicaid gap.

And to think, that was one the better decisions they made since Republicans gaining the control. Heller, Hobby Lobby, Citizens United, Harris v. Quinn, voting rights act, Bush v. Gore, etc... All of those decisions are either incredibly bad or simply insane. Even when those decisions are just incredibly bad, it's insane for a supreme judicial body to be that bad -- they should be the brightest minds and yet a four-year-old could tear apart some of the rationalisations they come up with. They were inventing logic and facts that have no connection to the real world.