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The little voice in America's head 8 10, 10:06pm


No matter how much I google what is wrong with Hillary, I can't find anything but name-calling "Liar" or "Crooked" etc. and only substantial issue is some cocking up accident with e-mails. But everything else is just some little things that are dug up with hard work from the past. "She said 20 years ago X but it was really Y", or some out of context -quotation, that she has jokingly said sometime, and most of these are about something that doesn't really have any meaning with the election.

Trump however is real liar and bigot. It's proven that over half of all his public claims are lies, only in one debate he lied over 20 times, and he has changed his opinion 124 times in a year, and counting. And he is chauvinist and narcissistic person, who never admits he's wrong. He speaks ill about his own people, not to mention other people in the world. His opinions are down right awful, building walls, stealing Iraqi oil, ban people by their religion... only listening to him for 5 minutes gives million reason not to vote for him. He has no idea how global politics works, no idea about international legislation and has shown will to break international laws and commitments, and thinks that global warming is Chinese conspiracy. He has very light attitude about using nuclear weapons. He has no credible plans for the economy or Syria or other global issues, his idea of foreign relations are dadaistic, and only one that could like is Vladimir Putin.