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The little voice in America's head 9 10, 2:33am

Like, really? Nothing about how Hillary said she wanted to drone strike another country to kill Julian Assange? Or how she let 4 marines die? Or stole funds meant for Haitians after the quakes?

Here's a little American Tax Law for all you non-Americans. Woodrow Wilson invented Net Operating Loss, the law under which Donald Trump avoided paying taxes in 1995. Just like over A MILLION OTHER BUSINESSES in the country. It's not a loophole if it's working exactly as intended, and the reason he could claim that as a tax deduction is because the law for NOL was Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton has utilized this law ever since it was changed to avoid paying taxes as well. And by the way, the whole point of owning a business is to minimize operating costs and maximize profits for the business and its shareholders. So yeah, I agree, avoiding taxes isn't smart, it's just basic logic.

(Especially since the Guccifer leaks showed our tax money has been going to bail out banks who turned around and funded Democratic party elections.)