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The little voice in America's head 8 10, 11:39pm

'@SeanR' And better yet, unlike cannabis or LSD, that don't harm the body, no one has ever died overdosing them, and are not addictive per se, they are called poisoning. While the alcohol, tobacco and sugar&fatty foods that lead to obesity, that are addictive (sugar can be more addictive than cocaine) and them being the three leading cause of death are yet again, liberties and private choice.

And you are right, seeing how bad people feel mentally, the amount of antidepressants (which our school shooters were on at the time they committed their crimes before killing themselves) and the increasing amount ill behaviour and people isolating while hatching hateful thoughts and growing anger in their minds, not just in USA but in most of the world, I should forget about moment of insanity and call this a period of insanity in the human history.

That paradoxically makes me want to both ban guns and carry one with me.