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Doctor Strange 2 11, 12:56am

Don't listen to King Europe Denmark! Mads Mikkelsen has more fans than you think outside Denmark!
The French didn't wait for "Hannibal" to discover him : he received the award for best actor at the French film festival of Cannes in 2012 for "La Chasse" ("Jagten"). He certainly got the attention of the French audience, especially the feminine one.
His movie "Mickael Koolhaas" (a French movie actually) also did pretty well at the box office and not just because he looked so damn sexy on the poster (check it out on internet 'drool drool drool').
Too bad the States (where I live) have trouble with foreign movies with an actual plot : "Subtitles? You mean I'll have to READ? No special effects, people TALKING?! Pfff... boring..."