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Friendship Bracelet 7 11, 10:32am

'@Melkorka' That's how people behave when they are stressed. And that reaction is nothing, I've seen completely obscene reactions in offices, when people after seemingly minor misfortune smash their company laptops on the floor and jump over it raging and start taking their shirts off in tearful rage. And they are not even artists, but office rats, overworked and underpaid professionals with tight schedules.

And when that happens in office often enough, you just calmly watch it like it is an ordinary day, like "Okay, another one is getting one month holiday and we are getting free buns and sodas in crisis meeting, yay!" and after the worst fumes are gone, you get to take him to doctor getting his sick leave and prescription to chill pills, since he cannot be allowed to drive himself in such condition. :D

It's very good to know how to experience what is called a "Good mental breakdown", and here is excellent short animation about it: