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Friendship Bracelet

Friendship Bracelet

That big fancy bridge between Sweden and Denmark? One of the more hilarious parts about it's construction is that the Swedes started their part before the Danes has completely agreed to it, so suddenly the Danes had to hurry up if they wanted to meet the Swedes halfway. That's partly why the train connection between the countries is a bride on the Danish side but a tunnel on the Swedish side. It was quicker and cheaper to build a bridge.

You can however drive over the ocean all the way in a car.

EDIT: Oh would you look at that. I completely fucked up which side is a bridge and which side is a tunnel. Of well, yet ANOTHER unfortunately side effect of having a human do anything ever, especially one as stressed out as me right now. I hope you can one day find it in your hearts to forgive me for this grave mistake.

5th November 2016

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2 months ago #9552394        



To the people saying Humon is passive-aggressive about this:

What makes you think her rage is directed at you for correcting her? Perhaps it's actually directed at herself for making such an unfortunate mistake? Makes sense to me at least.

Besides, she has been stressed out lately, as she writes. Give her a break, will ya.

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3 months ago #9551956        



Denmark has the best phone case.

3 months ago #9551923        



Ahem, it's the other way around...the bridge is on the Swedish side and the tunnel on the Danish side. The reason for that is that it was not possible to build the bridge all the way because it would have been in the way for the landing planes at Kastrup.

Also, this is about Øresundsbron, Store Bæltbroen is entirely within Denmark.

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25 F
2 months ago #9552550        



Denmark's cell phone case... <3

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2 months ago #9552598        



Haha. I was just about to say it's actually Denmark, who made the tunnel part, but then I saw you had already corrected yourself in the comment underneath the comic. ;) I've seen a quite interesting program about the problems they faced with making that tunnel due to the special stone the sea floor is made of in the area.
(For anyone interested: it's a tunnel on the Danish side, because a bridge would get in the way of the planes from and to Kastrup Airport).

2 months ago #9552452        



Humon really didn't do her research well on this one. One of the reason that there is a tunnel on the Danish side is because it is close to the Danish airport, so you would have low air traffic in the area, which is not a good idea with a high bridge. an all tunnel would be expensive, so a bridge/tunnel hybrid was build in stead.

Furthermore you can't drive all over the ocean, the cars have to go through the tunnel as well.

3 months ago #9552189        



Inaccuracies in a cartoon? My world is shattered! :O

Perhaps some day there will be a tunnel from Europe to America. Well, it would be quite deep, but apparently America is able to make Mexicans magically pay for all weird and unrealistic construction ideas, so money shouldn't be a problem. :D

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99 M
3 months ago #9552031        



Don't sweat it.
Mistakes happen that's why I'm here (:

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49 M
3 months ago #9551929        



Hugs for stressed Humon

2 months ago #9560012        



I have drivven this route from Denmark into Sweden. What is hilarious is that from the air, it looks like this huge bridge spans the ocean to . . . . . a little tiny island barely big enough to hold the mooring for the bridge. But all these cars and lorries are *magically* appearing out of a hole in the ground going to and fro on the great bridge. Any aliens looking down from outer space would be utterly baffled at the non-logic of this impressive and beautiful scene.

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