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Makeover of 2016

Makeover of 2016

I warned you America would get a makeover if Trump won. This won't be a one-off joke either. He'll look like this for the next four years. Eight if America picks him again.

Sister America will stay the same because she belongs to the American Left.

EDIT: I will be the happiest person a live if four or eight years a from now I'll have to eat every bad thing I've ever said about Trump. Sometimes realizing you were wrong can be the best feeling in the world.

But Nazi Germany is in this comic because a lot of neo-Nazi groups and the KKK have supported Trump publicly because of his xenophobic, racist and sexist views. So you might have voted for him despite of those things, but they voted for him because of it.

So I will be beyond happy if you and Trump together prove the terrified Lefties and the happy Nazis and clan members wrong.

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9th November 2016
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8 years ago #9553792        

And there we were, thinking Britain was going to win "the most monumentally stupid political act" for 2016.

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8 years ago #9553973        

Decided to change my profile pic, to better showcase my feelings about this

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8 years ago #9554207        

I did not vote for Trump, and I still apologize for the hysterics by those upset he won. Its frankly embarrassing to see the way people are responding to his victory. All of the hyperbolic handwringing laments that we are suddenly super racist, and that Trump is going to single-handedly take away everyone's rights is really shameful. Sorry, Trump isn't Hitler - not even close. Clinton was the only one of the two that actually campaigned on taking rights away (second amendment anyone?).

There were TWO crap choices in this election. I am sorry that your media has shaded your perception of what Trump and Clinton actually represent - though our media really isn't that much better.

I like this strip - I really appreciate what it represents, and have learned a lot. The artist may do what he pleases, but if it is really going to become 4-8 years of "Look how horrible America is because they elected someone the media didn't like - they are clearly Hitler" - can you let me know now so I can take it out of my rotation?

I didn't vote for Trump, but of the two, I am GLAD it was him and not her. He shattered the political class on the right, and prevented the same on the left from retaining power. Now if we can just start having some real political discord in this country without defaulting to accusing those who disagree with you ask being racists (HItler comparisons? Come on...) we might make some progress.

The Electoral College exists for a reason. Without it, anyone not living in LA, New York, or Chicago should just stay home. Sorry - just because you live in the isolated world of the big city, it doesn't mean you are smarter than the rest of the country. Without the Electoral College, those voters with legitimate concerns about jobs and trade in this country would have no voice. Farmers would have no voice. Mining and industrial regions would have no voice. That is why we are a Republic and not a direct democracy, to guard against the tyranny of the majority.

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8 years ago #9553803        

So... this is what it felt like when Delores Umbridge took over Hogwarts. :-/

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8 years ago #9553853        

One of the reasons Trump got to be popular is exactly because he isn't a politician, and that apparently means he's automatically for the little guy citizens instead of another bought-by-corporations crook.

Never mind that he is one of those corporate crooks. And it could be said that he isn't really a very good businessman, since despite plastering his name on buildings and luxury products and presenting himself on "reality TV" as a master business mogul and cultivating an image of super high-class products and refined high society staples, his steaks and vodka and menswear line are reported to be quite mediocre and his hotels and resorts have lost billions and he only stayed afloat thanks to those very same big business-favoring tax loopholes and bailouts that caused the economic disaster in 2007-2008.

It should be noted that Hillary Clinton is leading in popular votes, so boasts that he was elected by the overwhelming will of the people are false.

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8 years ago #9556960        

There's a lot of problems with America that sets it apart from the rest of the industrialised world.
But one of the basic ones is a lack of choice. For all it's talk of free market and diversity, the American political system is badly broken since it only offers the "choice" between two right-wing party's.
One - the Democrats - that any European recognise as a regular centre-right party from their parliaments, and the other - the Republicans - an extreme right party that for decades have only become more extreme with it's thinly veiled racism and outright obstructionism.
There is no political left represented in mainstream American politics - that choice is not available.
And as a result America is the only nation in the industrialised word that still doesn't have basic provisions for all of it's people - like universal healtcare.

The idea that all citizen in a state should have the right to certain basic provisions - like healtcare, pensions, paid sick- and maternity leave, free education, paid vacation time and so on is a socialist idea. The political right fought this idea tooth and nail in every country in the world but they were implemented by the political left when they came to power. In America the left have never come to power, and as a result American citizens are still not afforded the basic, universal right we in the rest of the industrialised world take for granted.

No right wing politician in Europe would ever dare to question or threaten every citizens right to publicly funded healtcare - even if some of them might actually like to abolish it. Because every country in Europe offers one or more left-wing party as a choice for it's electorate to vote for and any right-wing party threatening the basic social safety-net of it's citizens know they would be punished heavily at the ballot box.

America is the richest nation in the entire history of the world and could easily afford the same level of care for it's citizens as the rest of the industrialised world already does and in most cases have done for decades, but there is no political party willing to actually fight for that.
For decades both American party's have demonised socialist policy's as akin to Soviet Russia. The Democrats, to their credit, have implemented some programs like Medicaid and tried to implement others but have never actually wanted or dared to make the case that some socialist policy's are not only good economically but also morally right. The stigma of the socialist bogeyman always keeps the American political debate far right of anything we are used to in Europe.

So while ordinary people in the rest of the industrialised word have enjoyed all the benefits of these policy's for decades, ordinary Americans are working longer hours for less pay with the threat that if they become ill or laid of the will probably go broke over the costs. Many young people can't afford higher education or is saddled with unbearable amounts of debt, pensioners can't afford their medication and so on.

And Americans accept this inequality because they either don't know how different life is in the rest of the industrialised world, or they don't believe the facts. Because the Republicans and the right-wing media have for decades been spreading complete lies about the rest of the world, telling their voters that they should be lucky to live in such an awesome country since everywhere else is so much worse and less free.

But that's nonsense of course! The average western European enjoys as much freedom as the average American (apart from maybe the freedom to buy a gun at your local supermarket), their economies have not suffered, the people are not poorer or live in worse conditions then their American counterparts, they're not less educated, feed or healthy.
In many metrics many other countries instead surpass America, which is not no 1 in everything - whatever the Republican propaganda says.

Instead of providing the same basic safety-net as the rest of the industrialised world America has one of the largest income and wealth disparities in the world. Not the largest amount of billionairs per capita - several countries (including those socialist hellholes Norway and Sweden which the Republicans love to demonise) has more. No, but America has the very richest of the rich. Extremely few people in America own more of the country's entire wealth then anywhere else in the industrialised and democratic world.

That's where the wealth of the richest country in the history of the world goes - to the very few at the absolute top. And many of them spend part of that money on supporting politicians who ensure that the rules will never change.

Trump will in no way change this since he is (or at least pretends to be - we don't know since he refused to release his taxreturns) one of these people him self. Ordinary Americans will continue to be screwed by their own country - the only thing Trump will offer his voters is the schadenfreude of seeing Latinos and Muslims being screwed even worse.

And so it will continue, with ordinary American beings screwed by the rich elites and the only two party's available to them. The Democrats offering some ointment for the populace's sore arse, the Republicans offering to screw some other poor sod even harder then they screw their voters.
But none of them are advocating for a any policy that would fundamentally change the situation and drag America into the 21 century where it could join the rest of the industrialised world.
No, because that would be socialism and that's baaaad...

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8 years ago #9553773        

Last night, my country experienced some form of collective insanity.

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8 years ago #9556248        

I'm African-American, I've traveled to both Europe and the Middle East, and I voted for Trump.

I don't think anyone that voted for Hillary read the Wikileaks releases or listened to any of her speeches seriously. She was advocating for the US to establish a No-Fly Zone over Syria, which would involve getting into a war with Russia. I hate the idea of WWIII or anything involving nukes. She also revealed in her emails that she admitted lying to the public about her polices was okay and that she accepted money from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, despite knowing full well that both of them are actively funding ISIS. The Clintons also wrecked Haiti for many years to come and their Foundation accepted well over $6 billion in charity funds that it never gave to disaster stricken Haiti. If you add that to the $6 billion missing under her watch as SecState, there's well over $12 billion dollars that has just gone missing under her watch. To put that in perspective, the low ball cost estimates to establish a colony on the moon are around $10 billion.

Clinton advocated censoring certain opposing media and news outlets just because their point of view was different and also wanted to take away gun rights of American citizens. She wanted to raise taxes on us and use our American tax dollars to bring in migrants from the Middle East and North Africa, which we here in America are watching destroy European countries and assault European women. Sweden's rape rate is now comparable to an African country. This has only shown us ever more so much why we need our 2nd Amendment right.

Also, Clinton's mentor was a man named Robert Byrd, who was a grand cyclops of the KKK, whom she said represented the "heart of America" and was a great leader at his funeral. Trump can't control who endorses him, but at least he denounces the support the KKK gives him and distances himself from them. Trump actually loves black hip hop culture and many black actors/artists/athletes. Every time we've elected the Democrats they make great promises and then leave the black communities in the dirt, which is why they've been voting blue for 40 years and only keep getting worse. I'm sorry but your liberal news media outlets' attempts to portray our liberal left as angels and our conservative right as evil are just full of shit lies. They lie to you and hide just as much from you as our liberal news media does. A certain Wikileaks email revealed our major corporate news (CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, The Huffington Post, and others...) receive direct money from Clinton to do so. She literally bought out our media and now they won't tell the truth and everyone knows it!

Also, the main advocates for censorship and intolerance in the West now have become our liberal leftists. Only liberal leftists have been closing dialogue and censoring those who disagree with them. Our other side in our country was not allowed to have a voice because if they disagree they would be slapped with the label of racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobe, Islamophobe ect... Only those who disagreed with liberals risked losing their jobs, business, social isolation, and now we're seeing straight violence just for voicing a different opinion. That's why they stayed silent right up until they got to the voting booth. The liberals preach tolerance, but then become absolutely INTOLERANT of every other point of view. They preach against hate and bigotry, but will be quick to blame all Trump voters over the actions of a few (like the KKK), which is over generalization and prejudice... you know... just like racism is. They will preach against hate, but they will be quick to hate and insult those that disagree with them, which is exactly what this comic above is trying to do. Americans were sick of it and sick of our political establishment using it to their advantage while they passed laws draining our wallets of money. We voted against that!

I'm really REALLY glad Trump won. He may be an asshole, an absolute MAJOR asshole, but at least he'll be an asshole for American citizens. We need to try to make his faults work for us, not repeatedly insult him and hope he fails. Feel free to draw him like that for the next 4 years (maybe 8 years) as much as you want. I actually LIKE the way America looks now.

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8 years ago #9553940        

salty much?

humon is so butthurt over this.

and no makeover for america if hillary won?

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8 years ago #9554739        

Meanwhile Canada and Sister Canada are desperately trying to build a wall

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