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Makeover of 2016 13 11, 4:31am

@SeanR Your car has much more utility and is so much more beneficial to your daily life and convenience than your gun is. Yet, to own a car, you must register it and pay the associated fees, and in most states you're required, if you drive it on public roads, to have comprehensive car insurance which requires monthly payments for a service you won't actually see or get unless something bad happens. Furthermore, to operate your car, you're required to have a license which you must renew every few years, and also pay the associated fees for that, in addition to being tested on whether or not you're competent enough.

But, I don't hear you or anyone else complaining about this. You're a gun lover and you're holding a double standard. I'm a car lover and I've never complained about the legal process behind owning and driving a car. Your freedom isn't free. It comes at someone else's expense. We all have the right to life and/or protection, and the fundamental right for there to be a gun in everyone's hand is contradictory to this notion. It's called compromise. You should be able to own and use a gun if you're properly trained and competent, and not mentally unstable.

As for the second amendment itself, it was written at a time when the country had no military, and the most powerful guns could fire about one round every few seconds. Pretty pathetic to interpret it in its 1776 form today. Never mind that numerous other amendments have been overruled or injected with added specificity to clear up ambiguities that were creating loopholes. Furthermore, your disdain towards varying state laws comes from the Constitution itself, guaranteeing states the right to any powers not granted to them in the Constitution. It looks like that old document is both your best friend and your worst enemy.

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