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Makeover of 2016 24 12, 1:59am

@deadpool809 As a ex-Republican, i know good and well trump isn't hitler. The explicitly anti-minority rhetoric and appeals to delegitimize media accountability, dubious developments but not nearly the same.
What worries me is that i do understand what the GOP is, and trump is a far fling from the more centrist root of the party. I personally think the end result of this, a massive shakeup and breaking of the system, will in the end be a good thing, but there will be a LOT of difficulty to come, with political jarring the equal to the 8 year roadblock against obama now reversed against trump.
The electoral college, and the distribution of senators/reps is just patently undemocratic and moreso outdated. When the system was begun, the smallest state was 5% the population of the largest, even with slave counting. Today, that gap between smallest and largest has quintuppled, and whereas before there were 2-3 truly small states compared to the large ones, now nearly half the country is vastly overpowered. The fact that a single Wyomingite equates to 3-4 californians for the electoral college is ridiculous. Besides that, the fact that California can equal the population of enough other states that their 2 senators preside over as many people as over 30 others is LUDICROUS.
At this point the factor is that, like the old elites, the system has been giving states that don't nearly equal production, population, or GDP far greater power is why election maps can look like a red tide. We need to open the cap on representatives and distribute evenly, and quite possibly rethink the senate cap to not be overwhelmingly biased