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Makeover of 2016 10 11, 6:39am

"The Electoral College exists for a reason. Without it, anyone not living in LA, New York, or Chicago should just stay home."

This is completely mathematically bankrupt logic on every level and I'm kind of amazed by it.
Without the electoral college every vote is a vote. The cities don't get big points by being big, there are no points, just raw votes.
And no this has nothing to do with why it exists. It exists partly because the original US was much more an actual federation of pseudo-countries than it was anything else. That and creepy elitist stuff about the masses needing a safeguard of wise people to cushion their dumb choices too.

"Sorry - just because you live in the isolated world of the big city,"

Big cities aren't isolated. In fact they're more along the lines of what the country actually looks like as a whole. Which goes doubly for small cities. And not at all for rural areas.

"Without the Electoral College, those voters with legitimate concerns about jobs and trade in this country would have no voice."

So your saying people from areas of higher population density don't have legitimate concerns about jobs and trade. Gosh, thats dumb.

"Farmers would have no voice."

They still don't. Farmers don't represent the majority in mostly any states. Suburbs are the main boost in conservative states.

"That is why we are a Republic and not a direct democracy, to guard against the tyranny of the majority."

The most obvious reason your wrong is that the Electoral College is based on state borders and not anything trying to spread votes into farmlands and mountains. And state borders even back then had heavily arbitrary natures to them. Who is being protected by giving the random existence of Delaware 3 electoral votes.

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