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Makeover of 2016 14 11, 5:26am

Most effectively would be to make sure both sides continue to have guns. The mass shootings we've had don't tend to be in places where the people who "belong" there are armed.
Where we've had mass shootings are schools, where usually even the teachers, (who pass a pretty rigorous background check, so are pretty reliably sane,) are unarmed.
Dark theaters that are devoid of guns, (by the order of the owners,) in cities that are anti-gun, (by order of the city council.)
And crowded bars with poor visibility and lots of flashing lights.
Okay, arming a bunch of drunks remains a bad idea.
There have also been some shootings at churches. Some ended when an unexpected parishioner, who had a gun, ended it, reducing the body count by adding the shooter to it. In any case, another place where the people are not expected to be capable of returning fire.

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