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Makeover of 2016 10 11, 1:38pm

First, sory for my english.

Russian here (yeah yeah VODKA, BALALAYKA, PUTIN and stuff), and as for me, i watched election night like a big show. Thirlling.

About hysteria - totaly agree. Situation looks like "you dont like Hillary = you're fascist"
One person cant change government in one day, or year. And Trump totaly not a Hitler. Doubt something wil fundamentally change. System itself wil not allow it. From my perspective the results of elecion means that people want changes in the situation (same as Brexit). As a citizen of a country that awaits own elections in 2018, that gives me hope that we too can change something on our corrupted system.

Also. Despite the huge differences in wiew on "how to live", i deeply respect the fact that in US, despite all the obstacles, someone can win. That's truly great and inspiring.

//Aaaaand the last thing (i supose you're intrested). I have a cold bloded mind and so the heart. I dont ether like or hate Putin. The Hitler-like (oh, again) image seems for me more like a scarecrow made by media. But he is simply a person, with own interests (trivially money, power), and some interests of Russia. He make some changes, some are good, some are bad. Now it's time to move on. We need new leader, new opinion. It's not about the tolerancy freedom and sЪt. It's about the stagnation of system.

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