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Makeover of 2016 22 3, 5:49pm


Well you have to give the guy some slack as tax loopholes cant make your net worth 4 billion dollars can it? The guy has atleast some business-sense as he owns a lot of companies and knows how to run a company even if that company goes to shit and again 4 billion dollars is a lotta money. The man will not ruin america's economy he will probably help it by minimizing cost and maximizing profit by removing Obamacare and eldercare and a lot of other care programs.

Is that good? No that is horrible but what can you expect from a REPUBLICAN the right in america has always wanted those things gone and so does he but what really impresses me about Trump? The guy knows how to keep the media eye on him, ISIS? Everyone talked about it for a while then poof gone, ebola? talked about for a little while then gone, crimea? Talked about for a little while then gone. And it goes on and on like Greece and many other things everyone just forgot about.

But not Trump, the man has been in the medias eye for a year and a half now and it is still on him so you know what? That is fucking genius! The man probably does all this insane shit to keep the media on him so that people see him and then people care about him and bam people vote for him.

And that was all probably a ramble but eh i got my opinion out.