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Makeover of 2016 15 11, 10:53pm


I've told you once and I'll tell you just one more time - could you just stop interupting other peoples conversation by spamming your views everywhere?
I'm having a conversation with InfernalDrake117, not you. I'm interested in his opinion - not yours.
You've already sabotaged the discussion I had with MiskisM by pretending to know what he "really" meant and writing about completely unrelated things and now you're doing it again here.
Log of for a while and work on your people skills. Other peoples conversations are not an open invitation for you to join at will and spam your opinions all over, ok?
Go write your own comment and see if anyone is interested in talking to you there because I'm not.

Also, Finland is neutral so the US don't have any bases there that you can treathen to withdraw.