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Makeover of 2016 10 11, 12:47am

One of the reasons Trump got to be popular is exactly because he isn't a politician, and that apparently means he's automatically for the little guy citizens instead of another bought-by-corporations crook.

Never mind that he is one of those corporate crooks. And it could be said that he isn't really a very good businessman, since despite plastering his name on buildings and luxury products and presenting himself on "reality TV" as a master business mogul and cultivating an image of super high-class products and refined high society staples, his steaks and vodka and menswear line are reported to be quite mediocre and his hotels and resorts have lost billions and he only stayed afloat thanks to those very same big business-favoring tax loopholes and bailouts that caused the economic disaster in 2007-2008.

It should be noted that Hillary Clinton is leading in popular votes, so boasts that he was elected by the overwhelming will of the people are false.