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Makeover of 2016 20 11, 2:08am

@deadpool809 You know, I am really tired of replying to Trump supporters on the internet, but whatever, here's a list of rebuttals with terrible grammar because I am sick and tired of saying the same thing over and over

1) Clinton was not trying to take your guns, she was campaigning for gun control because there are a lot of idiots who don't need firearms

2) This is the 2nd comic in this entire webcomic that deals with the US election, honestly, I was surprised there wasn't more, with our influence I figured everyone was following our election, if not for the politics at least for the entertainment

3) Just because the system is flawed does not mean you destroy it. You need to have a plan to replace what you are uprooting otherwise you will be worse than what you're replacing. The problem is nobody bothered to ask what his plan was. Can you even name some of the president-elect's tax policies? Also, have you looked at his cabinet picks? His first ones were an establishment republican and a white nationalist. Where the hell is this great change, because all the change I am seeing is taking the worst of both worlds.

4) The whole point of the electoral college is to force people to care about the less populous states. Unfortunately, this means that people living in those populous states are being thrown away, and thanks to the electoral college it fails to force candidates to go to smaller states as well. Mathematically one person from Wyoming’s vote is worth 4 Californian votes, and one Vermont vote is worth 3 Texan votes in the electoral college. (check out this graph to see how messed up it is What the hell makes a person from Wyoming's vote more important than a person from California's vote? "Oh, California has the 6th largest GDP in the world, so their votes should count less", do you know how terrible that sounds? Also, if the point of the electoral college was to make presidential candidates care more about the smaller states, it does a terrible job. Instead of focusing on the small states and the large states equally, presidential candidates spend all their time in swing states, ignoring the rest of the country.

By the way, if you want a more in depth look at how the electoral works, watch this video from CGP Grey who gives a good overview

this is another video of his that explains the problems with the electoral college