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Makeover of 2016 17 12, 8:16pm

@deadpool809 Oh but we do know about Clinton. We didn't "like" her either, she's a warmonger and from a center right party representing the interests of some millionaires. The idiocy here is throwing a tantrum to protest your establishment and electing a racist fascist millionaire with little regard to your so-called democracy. Nobody thought half of the american voters would be so puerile, the choice was pretty straightforward.

And Trump isn't Hitler... YET. Read about the early rise of the Nazi party in Germany, the similarities are frightening.

If you are GLAD that now the full military power of the US lies in the little hands of a man that does not care about truth and facts, points towards ethnical minorities as the enemies and calls a whole nation rapists and murderers, you are a RACIST. That's the exact name. It doesn't feels comfortable realizing you are a racist? then don't be one!