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Makeover of 2016 10 11, 4:58pm

@MrSaukko Not necessarily, actually. Remember that the nation-avatars aren’t intended to reflect reality. They reflect the stereotype of the country as viewed from Scandinavia.

Clinton was essentially the ‘status quo’ candidate. Clinton winning wouldn’t have changed anybody’s view of America.

Trump winning the Republican nomination was enough of a surprise, and going on to win the Presidency was something that I don’t think any country outside the US was seriously expecting. That he did so on the platform that he was running WILL change people’s image of America, particularly the American right, deservedly or not. America’s avatars are already more nuanced than most countries in that Brother America and Sister America represent different political views (accurately enough, since one of the divides in the election was a gender-based one) – his transformation of the American right, for better or worse warrants recognition.

Personally, though, I wouldn’t tie the duration of the makeover to the term of Trump’s presidency, but over how much he dominates the American right. If he effects a transformation that holds after he leaves office, it’s probably warranted to keep the makeover. On the other hand, if the Republican establishment reins him in and his policies end up being more in line with the traditional Republican ideals, it’s probably warranted to revert the makeover even if he’s still technically in office.

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