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Makeover of 2016 11 11, 11:45pm

she was talking about holding gun manufacturers accountable for mass shootings. that will effectively shut them down, since they have no control over the people who buy their product. i can buy a car and ram it into a playground, doesn't mean you can hold ford accountable for me being a dumb ass .

1.) the freedom to own a gun IS comparable to the freedom of speech because they're both constitutional rights. they're so important that they're the first and second things the founding fathers included. also, the freedom to own a gun and form militias is important since it would allow you to fight back against a tyrannical government.

2.) you can't repeal the second amendment, but again, holding gun manufacturers accountable for mass shootings will shut down gun manufacturers. their product is completely legal, congress has failed to pass any sort of decent legislation to prevent crazy people from getting guns and Hillary was trying to hold the gun makers accountable for the governments Failings.

P.S. calling all trump supporters a problem, or just insulting them is what helped prevent Hillary from winning. there were too many regressive people on the left tossing out insults instead of having a respectful conversation with republicans. so republicans stopped listening, and that stopped any chance of you changing their minds. congrats, people like you are a problem.

P.P.S. I don't support trump, i just don't think he's Hitler.