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Makeover of 2016 10 11, 10:53am

@deadpool809 I'll just leave this here.

By the way, this is in New York. Rural New York (there is more to this state than the City) but still that supposed big city liberal bastion that everyone thinks the Electoral College was created to buffer against. This is one town over from where I live too, so, yeah, this is quite literally close to home.

I am in no way saying that this incident repudiates your statement that Trump isn't Hitler, and I am in no way saying that either he or the majority of his voters are Nazis or Nazi sympathizers either. Trump's Re-Tweets of Tweets by such groups (and those of the KKK) and that official campaign publicity that had the Star of David shape on it could very well have been honest mistakes by either Trump or his campaign staff – in fact, I think that particular joke in the comic was more of a comment on Trump not knowing he was doing such things.

Trump was not pandering to these hate groups nor was he ever doing so (except perhaps for the general anti-Muslim sentiment that currently plagues our country), but there is a Nazi/Neo-Nazi population in this US and boy did he get their vote.

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