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Makeover of 2016 13 11, 4:20am

@callumcree3 Pathetic. First of all, the president is the puppet of Congress, who has the ability to approve or veto whatever they throw the president's way. Second, most of the people who supported Clinton were against her position that gun manufacturers should be liable for misuse of their products. Third, single issue voters are the real problem. If somebody can justify voting for Trump solely because they perceive Clinton to be a legitimate threat to a Constitutional amendment, they are indeed the problem.

"Oh sure, he condoned racial attacks and segregation, endorsed persecution against gay people, undid our peace treaties with other countries, promised jobs he doesn't have the power to create, deregulated the banks even more, paid bribes to Wall Street officials, gropes and objectifies women, and accelerated the rapid growth of irreversible climate change, but at least I got to keep my gun!

What a sick lack of priority. You are the problem.