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Makeover of 2016 23 11, 7:37am

okay, it's been a while since i made the last comment so i don't quite remember what got you this riled up. i just want you to remember that shouting down trump supporters and anyone who disagrees with you helped get trump elected. nothing else to say there, i just wanted to bring up the fact that trump is going to be president and you helped that happen.

you do realize that if a president vetoes something then 2/3rds of congress has to approve it the second time around? this means that the president does have some power, and thinking the president is just a puppet makes you sound like a conspiracy theorist.

third, suing a gun manufacturer when their product gets misused is an issue, that's why i brought it up. people have different priorities, don't assume mine because it just makes you look like an asshole.

again don't know what made you think im a single issue voter or that i voted for trump, like i said earlier i forgot the comment. With that said, if a president does manage to get rid of a constitutional right then we're fucked. especially if it's the one about having weapons to fight a tyrannical government. i assume you're going to get nit picky about this last part but i honestly don't care, a constitutional right shouldn't be messed with in some roundabout way.

also, please provide evidence for each claim you've made against trump. especially how he's deregulated the banks without holding any political office just yet. also, the "grab em' by the pussy" comment is a weak argument. it's funny when people spend a year calling someone a liar then suddenly say "no we have to believe him right now, he's telling the truth". again, when did he accelerate climate change?
you're giving the guy a little too much credit.

again, i don't really know what made you think i was a single issue voter, or even that i voted for trump. please keep up the outrage, i mean it only made me resent my own party, but i'm sure it's bound to work one of these days.

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