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Makeover of 2016 14 11, 11:22pm

@JTS_ Well, your new president-elect has explicitly stated he'd like to buttrape Europe and NATO with a huge burning torch in the shape of a cactus. Simply because he doesn't know anything about it and he doesn't care to learn about it. Which is plain stupidity as Europe is the USA's best partner and ally in this world and also provides a half a billion people strong market for American products, if TTIP would have been signed. Which Trump refuses to do, as he doesn't understand it and thus hates it. So typically American nowadays. I bet he was more occupied with finding ways of dating his own daughter.

The biggest issue with this election is that it isn't about choosing the most suitable candidate, but about throwing all sorts of bullshit on the internet and elect the one who's least destroyed by it. It's a hateful, negative campaign. As said, typical for America these days. It has nothing left of the greatness and positivism you could find there about 50 years ago.

So don't be too surprised if we in Europe don't really fancy this man...