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Friendship Bracelet 12 11, 10:55pm

I am aware of the complexity of the definition of words with such broad meanings, but in this case I think it fits.
What I mean with unnatural in the context, is that humans (as well as other mamals) have developed stress as a survival instinct. It is ment to be used as a power boost when in danger. If a predator sets its gaze on you, and there is no place to hide, you only have two options: Fight or flee. In such circumstances, stress is useful and even necesary. It strikes in, hopefully gets you out of danger, and then you have used it up.
in modern day, especialy in office enviorements, you dont use it up. It just continues to pile up inside, and that is not healthy, especialy for those who dosent exersice.
The book 'Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers' by Robert Sapolsky treats this subject.