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Friendship Bracelet 9 11, 2:54am

'@Melkorka' I see very little reason to apologize for being a human, especially because some people live in their little superficial social circles with strict social norms that no one is allowed to step even slightly out of, and believe that the whole world is like that.

I used to work in many conventional offices. People there are usually very superficial with strict social norms with neutered speech without any curse words (I sexual intercourseing hate that) or any actual personality. Place, where you must regulate your tone of voice, your facial expressions, the words you use... and even if you are a man, your hair must be always very tidy without exceptions, use hair conditioner for short hair, face perfectly clean, clothes must be spotless and no jeans, shorts, t-shirts or anything like that, you are basically under the microscope below bright white lights and you must not smell like anything even if you have pets. In fact, you must smell like a perfume, but only very slightly, so that allergic people don't start to complain, you must also watch the smell of your breath, eating mint after every coffee and lunch and mind every little thing you do, because everyone is collectively watching your every movement and knows your every habit, even your cellphone ringtone and you must watch not to make anyone secretly hate you by taking the last cup of coffee or anything like that, because people in office are often waiting for a change to complain about the most little thing they can find, like that's their main job. I even got subtle complaint and order to silent my cellphone button-sounds, it is done by saying "You have a button-sounds in your cellphone? Interesting choice". A pretentious asshole-way of delivering complaint and they even consider that as "polite". That's the essence of every office.

And when I worked at the most strict office, I still lived in the most notorious ghetto of my city, block of flats with around 100 drunks, where I was the only one who even had a job . So when I came home, I could already tell by the smell that is there yet another bum passed out in the staircase and soiled/wet him or herself. Police, ambulance and mortuary car came by at least weekly and things that was thrown away from balcony was televisions, pets and humans. Bass boost and drunken shouting and screaming was something you could hear there every day and every time of the day. And it was a good place compared to office. With real people being what they are, drunk or junkie or crazy artist lady painting a fresco on the wall with her fingers, using blood from her vagina as paint. But everybody being their real self. What a nerve-relaxing environment compared to neutered-sterile office environment. I even drank booze with my wacky neighbours sometimes in their post-apocalyptic homes. And I could literally drink like there's no tomorrow and throw up from the balcony on bicycles and pass out and nobody made a fuss about it, just offered me tranquillizers and weed, and no one even remembered anything about it the next day. There you were able to live completely free without any judgement from others. Good, honest, fair and real people, not pretentious yuppie office-hitlers. Those were the days. :D