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Friendship Bracelet 20 12, 5:28am

@Melkorka Should she have reacted quite so strongly? Probably not, but shit happens. Human beings snap sometimes, yes an apology afterwards is preferable but you don't have to make them feel bad just for having a human reaction. And it's not like her reaction is entirely unreasonable. A bit too strong, yes, but at the same time, a lot of people on the internet can be overly aggressive and self-satisfied when it comes to pointing out things that are wrong (or even just that they find wrong). Being corrected? That's something you should try to take in good spirit. Being corrected in an insulting and patronizing manner? Now that's rather more reasonable to get annoyed at. I'm not saying everyone who corrects Humon is guilty of that, probably not even the majority, but when the bad apples come up enough it takes its toll on a person.

Or, to put it another way, we could all do with chilling out a little more. ;)