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Doctor Strange 8 11, 5:56am

I saw some people commenting about some great and/or famous things to remember about Denmark. Everyone is talking about how Denmark has the oldest flag in the world, about Kierkegaard, nordic noir and the contribution in chemistry. And they are great! I want to expand this list even more, because, hey! Denmark is awesome! This country isn’t that unnoticed. Denmark is known for being the happiest country in the world! And how about Noma, the world's best restaurant for several years? Until now, it’s in the top 5.

Not to mention how Tivoli inspired Disneyland (as if Tivoli wasn’t cool enough by itself. It's the second-oldest amusement park still operating… And guess what? The first one is also Danish!)

There is Hamlet to remember! It’s my favorite piece of Shakespeare, who was, of course, English. But the characters are Danish and the story takes place in Kronborg. I also remember Denmark for Carl Nielsen and Nephew (that’s right. Classical and rock music. I’m a little eclectic). Plus, where I live in Brazil (Minas Gerais), a specific sort of cheese is very important for us, for our culture and identity. Long ago, this cheese was introduced by a Dane ;)

Denmark also has Nordisk Film (which is the world oldest still existing film company), Dogme 95 and many famous directors and screenwriters like Lars Von Trier, Susanne Bier, Carl Th. Dreyer and Nicolas Winding Refn. Everyone who really like cinema sure give some credit to Denmark. I study animation and my professors love to show us some Danish Productions as examples of good screenwriting, character design and animation. E.g. and

As honorable mentions: a Danish film (A War) and a film about Danish painters (The Danish Girl) popped in Oscar this year. People will remember that