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Nice time to stay indoors 25 11, 6:57pm

AFAIK climate change only strengthens patters that were already there (tornadoes and storms happen a bit more often and are stronger on average, while draughts are more persistent). Any changes that are really unusual for a place stems from said place being close enough to another place where they are more usual and the area of influence just grew larger.

Before anyone accusses me of denying climate change, my opinion on that is that humans are stepping on the gas of something that was there already, and before anyone chastises me on THAT, for that I mean they are turning what should be a household lawnmower into a F1 racing car (or a fighter jet, I don't have information enough to determine the scale). To add to that, natural climate change is usually slow and gradual until a point of no return where it shifts suddenly, which allows a good number of species to acclimate and don't become extinct, while human-assisted climate change is way faster but has the point of not return set at the same time, so not only many species have no time to acclimate due to the suddennes, once the end point is reached the changes should be stronger.

TL;DR unless we reduce climate-changing behaviour and a lot of volcanoes bring us a volcanic winter, our (great-?)grandchildren are screwed.