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Nice time to stay indoors 26 11, 7:54am


Finn123 calls Humons decision to draw this comic the way she wants to "retarded".
I call Finn 123 rude for saying so - and you tell ME to relax? You tell ME I'm hostile?
So you think it's more acceptable to call Humons choice of drawing "retarded" then me calling someone who said so rude?

I think you have a very strange idea of what constitutes hostile, I must say.

Personally I don't think Humon cares about what the fanbase thinks in this case and if anyone tries to "complain" (as you put it) by calling her choice "retarded" I think they have about zero chance of getting her to change her mind.
Furthermore I actually think most of the fanbase is just fine with this as the majority of the people on this planet thinks Trump is a buffon who will be an awful president and they don't mind in the slightest making fun of him.

So no - I don't think there are actually many fans that feel "punished" by her decision to Trumpify brother America. Most comments whining about it have been people I've never seen before with brand new accounts that just came in after she made that comic.
I don't think those are in her fanbase at all and I don't think they represent the audience she intends to reach anyway.