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Nice time to stay indoors 26 11, 9:39am


Do not go down to Finn123's level. Keep yourself respectable. Please, let's not become hostile with each other. I don't mean to insult you, and I apologize if I am.

"I don't think Humon cares about what the fanbase thinks"
I believe this to be true as well. She can choose to do that. It's just generally not a good practice. Finn123's word choice was very poor, I will give you that.

Back into the personal opinions.
I don't understand the reason for changing Brother America's look, and I don't understand how this mocks Trump. As the main people seeing the comics are her fans, the intent behind his makeover falls to them. Is Humon mocking her fans? Does she blame her American fans for Trump's election, despite most of her fanbase being against him? I'm not understanding it, and it just seems in poor taste. Perhaps you are more enlightened as to her intentions?

Also, now we all have to look at Trump anytime she wants to put America in a comic, and that's just not enjoyable for anyone. :P

The last bit falls into No True Scotsman territory, so I'm not certain how you'd like me to respond.