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Nice time to stay indoors 26 11, 10:45am


So now you don't want me to "go down to Fin123's level"?
But when I called him rude you called me "hostile" and told me to "relax"?
I don't know why you're so convinced I'm the one who has to be cooled down?
I'm not the one calling Humons choice "retarded" or calling me "idiot" as Finn123 did in a new post above.
Yes, Finn123's choice of word was very poor and I called him out on it - that's all I did.
I don't like people who enjoy Humons work for free insulting her just because she didn't draw exactly what they wanted. People who believe they have the right to do that can go draw their own comics, that's my opinion on that matter.

I'm not talking for Humon in any way but I believe she's working in a classical tradition here.
Nations have been depicted as national characters for hundreds of years. I don't know which country you're from so I don't know which characters you know of but everyone probably know at least Uncle Sam for the US - right?
Now these characters have been redrawn in many, many different shapes during the years and there has already been - and will come countless more - depictions of Uncle Sam in different ways because of Trump.
Here are just three examples I found by a quick google:

This is not at all unusual for political cartoonists, to redraw the image of the national character to make a point.
Humon is simply following a tradition that goes back hundreds of years here.
I believe she did it to mock Trump and I think most people see it that way even if you don't understand how that would work. But maybe it was just the way she felt brother America looked to her since Trump was elected.
I don't know and I don't care because she's free to draw as she likes and I'm free to interpret her drawings as I like.

What I do know is that she's certainly not mocking her fans - if you really believe that you're really not paying attention to what she wrote below the comic in which Trumpified brother America first appeared.
Sister America is unchanged because she represents the American left as she called it, or at least the majority of the voters that didn't vote for Trump as I would call it. And the waste majority of Humons American fans are not Trump fans and are not represented by him in Humons view, but by sister America.

I'm not sure what you meant fell into "No True Scotsman territory" but to expand and reiterate my point from the last post I simply don't think Trumps and Humons fanbase overlap in any significant way.
As I noted before - most comments here who complained about this change seems to come from new accounts by people just registering to complain. That'll be the Trump fanbase. People who might have gotten a link to this comic sent to them by a friend who don't like Trump but do follow SatW to show what the rest of the world thinks of him and now they feel the urge to complain here, saying they will never come back and stuff like that.
In truth I don't think they looked at any other strip and if they did they probably didn't get them or their charm because they had all these strange countries in them then know noting about.

Trumps fanbase is certainly not the intellectual elite by any stretch of the imagination and expecting them to care for a comic mostly about the Scandinavian countries is really unlikely.
There might be a few American Trump fans here from before, but as I've said before they should just accept the fact that this comics might not be for them then, if they can't deal with Humons take on things.
Because I believe Trump will give Humon - and the rest of the worlds satirists - plenty of material to work with in the future as well. Making brother America orange is not going to be the last time Humon expresses her opinion - you can be sure of that.
And calling her choices when she does "retarded" is not going to make her change her mind.
And I will continue to call anyone rude who is rude - because they are.