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Nice time to stay indoors 26 11, 11:30am


"No, I'd have to say calling the choice of the creator of this series to depict her characters in any way she like "retarded" is the most retarded idea ever."
"You may disagree with he choices but calling them "retarded" is just rude and pointless since nobody cares what you think anyway."

Your first reply came off as hostile to me as well. Yes, Finn123 was being pretty rude about his opinion, but you had already called him out on it. I did not see it necessary to double up on him. I apologize for this.

I could understand your Uncle Sam comparison if she did it for any other country, but it seems to be only Brother America. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Sister America not being changed doesn't mean much, as Brother America is the dominant personality. In most comics, America is now being represented by someone the fans don't relate to, which is unfortunate.

Yes, Humon is free to express her opinion. People are free to be unhappy. Her response to their unhappiness is also her choice. We seem to be in agreement that she doesn't care.

I don't really care to get into the rest of this, there are some heavy biases against Trump supporters that will just turn our conversation into a circus. I apologize for ignoring part of your argument, but really, I don't think we could discuss it without dropping all civility.

I enjoyed Humon's non-political comics. If she's going to become so much more vocal about her views, perhaps you are right. While not a Trump-supporter, I believe it might be time for me to leave this site.

Thank you for helping me make up my mind. :) I hope you have a nice day.