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Nice time to stay indoors 27 11, 4:44am


"Your first reply came off as hostile to me as well. "

What do you mean by "as well"? Nobody else have called my reply hostile - only you. And you have not called Finn123's comment hostile - only mine.
So what's with the "as well" now all of a sudden?
Are you pretending anyone else has called my reply hostile or that you have also called Finn123's comment hostile? Which is it and why? Because non of those things have actually happened.

"I could understand your Uncle Sam comparison if she did it for any other country, but it seems to be only Brother America. Correct me if I'm wrong."

All the other cartoonists that have redrawn Uncle Sam or any other national character throughout history have in no way been required to redraw EVERY national character. Why would they?
They have re-drawn them to make a specific point about that national character and if they didn't feel they had a specific point to make about any other national character they have not re-drawn them and neither have they needed to.
You seem to be operating under the misunderstanding that cartoonist owe you or all of their readers something and if not you or all readers are happy with the cartoon they draw that is somehow a failure of the cartoonist. In reality all readers are NEVER happy with everything in a cartoon and a cartoonist who chooses to make a political statement especially knows this and is fully prepared for it.

People have been unhappy about political cartoons for hundreds of years - that's the point of political cartoons! They are meant to ridicule, lampoon or send up the party or person in the crosshair so they and their supporters are of course never happy about them - but if they want to be seen as mature they don't make a big fuss about it.
Because every politician and every party gets unflattering cartoons drawn about them - that's just part of the game in a democracy. Just as the president of the US will always be lampooned on SNL - that would have been just the same if Hillary won.

But Trump is thin-skinned and can't take any criticism or jokes directed at him at all and frankly a lot of his followers seems to be just like him in that regard.
But there is hundreds of years of precedent for this thing. Lincoln had to put up with cartoons of him, as did George Washington and before him the kings of Britain.
The Greek playwrights mocked the powerful in their comedy's as have every playwright including Shakespeare and Molières since then - this is as old as written history itself.

So there is ample precedence for what Humon did here and there is no requirement at all for her to please all her readers. Non.

As I've said before - I don't speak for Humon in any way, I don't know what she will do. But my guess is, since she felt strongly enough about this to re-draw brother America, that she will continue to mock Trump in his form when she feels like he deserves it. That's her choice and if you can't bare to see that happen I guess you have to avoid this site from now on.
Or you could just accept that this is a fact of human life that has gone on for thousands of years and try not to take such offence by it. If that's possible for you.