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Nice time to stay indoors 27 11, 10:33pm


You're confusing arrogance with opinion.
I'm allowed to state my opinion just like anyone else. But unlike you or Finn123 I manage to do so without being rude and demeaning to others.
That's the difference between the old concept of civil disagreement and this new trend fed by the alt-right that attract predominantly young men who mistakenly believe their opinions are worth more if they behave badly to anyone who disagrees with them.
I don't because I am able to articulate my point without resorting to namecalling because I can make a coherent argument.
You at least - unlike Finn123 - make an actual argument, but you can't avoid being rude and demeaning while making it, which in fact only weakens your case.
Because what you, Finn 123 and everybody else swept up in this new culture of rudeness fail to understand is that no one listens more to you if you behave badly.
In fact just the opposite is true.

Regarding your argument I don't believe I helped make up Ratlah's mind at all, even if he claims so. I'm pretty sure he will do whatever he decides to do based on what Humon actually does and not based on my guesses about that she might do.
I have guessed she might act in a certain way but that's not proof of anything but my own guess. The only real proof will be Humons actions going forward and only she knows and decides those.
And as I said she did this change in brother American appearance knowing full well that not everyone would like it and I don't think she's surprised if someone choose to leave because of it.

Also I don't actually believe this will lower either page traffic or drive away viewers as I believe those who don't like this change will still come her to whine about the change.

Studies show that even though liberal viewers are more likely to view right-wing programming like Fox News, a percentage of right-wingers will still seek out left-wing programming. See for instance:

Those studies relate to TV programming where the viewer can do nothing but yell at the TV in response. On a site like this, where those that disagrees can make their displeasure known by writing about how "retarded" they believe the artists decision to draw the comic as she did is, all indications are that right-wingers are more likely to return - just to be able to do just that.

Every Internet site with an open comment section has seen this development for the last years. A small, angry group of right-wingers will show up and make their displeasure known in any and all ways they can. Usually this will involve a lot of namecalling and rudeness - as we have just seen from Finn123 and you.

So no, I don't think Humon really cares and I don't think she will loose out financially on this decision any way.