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Goat Steak 2 12, 3:05am

The truth about this is that the county of Gävle where the goat is located and the local business association (who are the two enteties that pay for the building of the goat) don't really mind that much that the goat burns almost every year.
It's regular free PR for the city and attracts tourists. It's reported about every year in all Swedish media and now it's reached a point where I see it appear in international media as well. The city of Gävle could never get this kind of publicity as cheap as the cost of building the goat each year.

They would how ever like the goat to survive longer then it did this year (it burnt down the day it was completed so even most locals didn't get to see it) and as a result there have been talk about rebuilding it in time for Saint Lucy's Day on the 13th this month. Some years when it has been burnt down early they have rebuilt it - but not always - so there is precident for either decision.

But whatever happens this year it will surely be back next year.