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Goat Steak 8 12, 1:59am

I totally diagnosed Sweden now. He has suppressed his ancient sexual desires for horses and goats and other animals with hooves. And when he builds the giant goat and looks at it, he is overwhelmed by sexual desires, and tries extremely hard to deny and suppress those feelings, so hard that his personality splits in a storm of dissociation and he becomes arsonist and burns the goat so that the tormenting sexual desires goes away. And seeing the goat burn snaps him out from this psychotic episode and he doesn't remember burning it down himself.

Norway's suggestion for Sweden to burn the goat down himself every year possibly raised the suppressed emotional memories (without episodic memory) of having sex with goats and burning them down. And feelings of guilt and shame fired up Sweden's psychological defenses. As the most common cover-up for secret feelings of guilt and shame is denial and aggression.