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Goat Steak 8 12, 5:00am

I kind of fail to see how 100 special lions should celebrate the 100th year anniversary of Finland, given that the Russian Empire used to have 200 ethnic groups and Finland seemed to be in a bit of a hurry to get away from that. As I understand, the only purpose for the existence of Finland as an independent state is to keep the finnish culture and finnish language. If there is a need for 100 lions, those 100 lions should each represent 100 maakunnat (counties) of Finland. As for the token of multicultural, you could add Estonian and Karelian counties.

And I strongly disagree with the suggestion that "we have room for more than just one kind of lion". Actually, there is no room even for one lion, because the local habitat is already used up by lynx (ilves). The choice is that between multikulti Canada or monokulti Japan. Or so it seems. The reality might be more like multikulti Sweden turning into Irak.