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Goat Steak 8 12, 3:54pm


Lions are not part of Finnish or other Nordic's nature, but if we really think about it, neither is the Nordic cross real part of flag, since the whole North had nothing to do with Christianity, we had Scandinavian gods with different variations, based on the forces and phenomena of nature, like Thor, who has his own equivalents in different poems, including Finnish national epoch, Kalevala, and I believe this is also the case in Estonian Kalevipoeg. Variations of the same Nordic gods, that were based on the nature and animals.

Christianity, just like all Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) are from Iraq and came here through Europe. They have nothing to do with The North, that middle eastern religion was forcefully rammed down our throats. Jesus was a "sand n*gger". So in a way, Iraq people took away our culture and even our flags a long time ago. Did it destroy our culture? No, we abandoned all religions. Which is good, because they are all a bunch of hooey, and we can concentrate on real hard sciences, math, engineering, electronics and computer sciences, in which we excel in Nordics and even in Estonia. And Finnish culture and language was preserved even after being 400 years part of Sweden and 100 years an autonomous part of Russia.

And there is no taking over any place in Finland like there is in Sweden (And I don't think it would ever work in Estonia either). All people here either behave or we make them behave. There is no way there could be suburbs here where ambulance or police wouldn't dare to go. We have had civil war and other unrest back in the day and we are well prepared. We can arrest more than 100 000 people if necessary. We will send an army and Hellmarch of jaegers in endless waves and full-scale heavy artillery fire and incendiary rampage of biblical proportions if need be to take back the suburbs. Immigrants would escape back to cuddly ISIS in panic and horror after we strike with fiery wrath of norse gods. There's no taking over us from inside nor outside.

And since it's the national Jean Sibelius day today: